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Robert Trosten Grant program initiated by Robert, the renowned entrepreneur, has several years of experience in the finance field. He has adequate knowledge of business funding and aiding small businesses in the United States. He though a business leader has a humanitarian heart, associated with philanthropic activities in the country. Robert Trosten likes to associate with grant and charitable activities and therefore, initiates the righteous cause of assisting the students in the country, who have a tough time paying for higher-education tuition of the reputed colleges and universities in the US. A cash prize of $1,000 will be given to the most talented and deserving student who can write the best easy with precision, clarity, and accuracy of data supporting those facts in the write-up.

June 1st, 2021

Final Winner

June 15th, 2021

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Robert Trosten has a proven record of providing counsel to improve the financial situation of companies, identifying the blunders of a company budget, managing teams, forecasting the fiscal growth of businesses, improving client opportunities, and ensuring more cash flow into a business. Robert is competent in building successful financial strategies for dealing with the huge challenges of companies, especially funding issues for growth and expansion.

Robert Trosten has developed robust financial support schemes that led to the optimal expansion of incomes for businesses. The man is extremely adroit to make companies financially sound so that it can survive when there is an economic slump. Then, he also has a human and tender side to his personality, as he came up with grant money of $1,000 for helping students hailing for poor families in the US, who want to opt for higher education for a fulfilling career in the future.

Robert Trosten has a self-motivated mental state to encourage the key decision-makers of business, internally and externally, aptly identify and make certain that buyers get useful value for their dollars expended, as well as achieve constructive results when it comes to revenue growth and improving the overall finances of a company.

Robert Trosten is knowledgeable, aware about the costly tuition fees in the United States and so, he has developed the Robert Trosten Grant with a noble goal to aid poor, deprived students in the country so that they can pay for higher studies and outperform when it comes to their career objectives and the dream to succeed.

Robert Trosten is well-liked in his profession and more significantly for his humanitarian and sympathizing approach towards the middle-class community of the United States. He is devoted to offering monetary help or assistance to the most deserving student. His neighbors as well as his coworkers love Robert Trosten because of his noble cause of helping students. The very idea to assist the economically deprived students is great, who do not have adequate funds to pay for the advanced degree courses in the US.

Robert knows that higher education in the country is imperative to the building of a successful and accomplished career in the days to come. Mulling over this idea, he has initiated an outstanding idea, the Robert Trosten Grant program with the thoughtful and decorous goal of assisting the poor students in the country so that they can enroll for higher studies in the reputed colleges or universities and meet their career goals with the financial grant program initiated by Robert.

Robert Trosten is sentient that the college or university course fees in the US are beyond the financial capability of the middle-class students who want to register in a reputed educational institution in the US. This is where Robert Trosten Grant comes to the support of these students in financial worries.

Robert Trosten is aware of the reality that that shelling out high university fees is not possible for such students hailing from poor US families, and so the Robert Trosten initiative.

The students from economically challenged families are compelled to choose high-interest education loans and not doing so means no career, no good jobs in the country. The students must pay off the complete loan amount unlike their counterparts coming from wealthy families, who don’t require opting for an education loan. The Robert Trosten Grant was developed solely for the praiseworthy students in the US so that they can pursue higher education for a winning career. The grant money is one-time financial assistance for these students. The student, who pens an outstanding essay on the subject, “Students with Neurological Disabilities: what are the major issues they might have in an average US university” would win the grant money of $1,000.


The student might be a senior in a high school or at this time accepted at an acknowledged US university or college.

He or she must be a student, currently registered at a reputed university or college, to meet the requirements for the Robert Trosten grant money.

Since advanced education fees are increasing time after time, Robert Trosten Grant is a one-time financial aid for students pursuing higher education in the US.

The candidate should submit an essay of about 700-850 words titled, “Students with Neurological Disabilities: what are the major issues they might have in an average US university”.

How Do You Apply?

All essay submissions for the Robert Trosten grant should be made through a formal email, with a Word file attached, as well as an email sent to info@

Please provide the following information together with the essay submission:

  • Complete Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • College or university you’re are now enlisted, or applying, or accepted at
  • GPA
  • Date of Graduation in YYYY.MM.DD format
  • 270 characters bio


The application for the Robert Trosten grant must be submitted on or before June 1, 2021.

The successful student would be informed on June 15, 2021, via email.

The name of the winner to be published on

Winner selection

The ultimate winner will be contacted via email. He or she should then get in touch with Robert within 14 days by a return email to set up the prize money award. The cash will be sent directly to the student’s bank account or financial aid account.


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