Identifying Typical Recruiting Challenges and Overcoming Them – An Analysis by Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten it is an indisputable fact that the success of an organization primarily depends on the quality of the people working in it. However, getting the right talent onboard is a problem that vexes most company recruiters. Irrespective of the business they are in and how large they are. However, even if the issues are varied, some recruiting challenges are common to most organizations. Some of the most common recruiting challenges HR managers face and how they can be overcome:

Attracting the Right Applicants

According to CNN, 59% of recruiters cite the shortage of qualified candidates as their top challenge. To choose the best candidate in the talent pool available for consideration. However, it is not necessary. That you will be able to hire a candidate that is a good fit for the role. Rather than considering a large pool of unqualified talent, it is often better to look. At a smaller set of candidates that are more suited to fulfilling the job requirements. The best way of doing this is to be specific about what you need in your job advertisements. And ask the right questions on issues that are vital to you so that you can filter out people who don’t fit the role.

Filling Positions Quickly Can Be a Big Challenge, says Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

Since the organization suffers when positions go vacant, recruiters want to fill the positions as quickly as they can. However, depending on the required profile, it can take excruciatingly long to hire a good candidate. Sometimes, inordinate delay due to lack of consensus among the recruiters may also lead. To an identified hire joining somewhere else. To prevent this from happening, you should scrutinize your hiring process and streamline it. Find out if you are looking in the right places to fill the talent pool or are communicating quickly enough with candidates with potential.

Engaging Candidates with Potential 

Since good candidates are contacted often by organizations, it can be more difficult to make your interest stand out. Additionally, candidates with specialized skills may also be juggling multiple job offers simultaneously. To have a chance, you need to put in extra effort to persuade these candidates to choose your organization over others. To improve your chances, you should attempt to find out what motivates a particular candidate and what their aspirations are. Using these insights in your sourcing emails can make the candidate more interested in your company, observes Robert Trosten.

Ensuring a Good Recruiting Experience

In a typical situation where a candidate is considering several offers, you can make your offer stand out by ensuring an enjoyable and professionally-satisfying hiring process. The experience a potential candidate has is a good indication. To them of the treatment they will get after they join. Make sure that you offer a satisfying and professional hiring experience. Ensure that you tell the candidates when they should be hearing from you, and stick to your commitment.


To overcome these common recruitment problems and hire the best talent for your organization, the hiring teams need to be properly sensitized about the importance of the recruiting process and encourage them to streamline it continually.

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