Top Financial Tools Recommended by Robert Trosten for Smooth Performance of Financial Tasks

Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten Entrepreneurs are often frustrated and also overwhelmed while maintaining the financial aspects of their business. Fortunately for them, a plethora of cutting-edge cloud-based tools are now available in the market that has made major financial tasks much simpler and easier. The financial tools discussed below are some of the top tools that enable the smooth functioning of your business spanning tasks right from expense management to accounting to budgeting and also even more. 

We know that it could be pretty challenging for entrepreneurs to keep up with the financial issues involved while running a small business and it could seem like a thankless and never-ending exercise. Right from expenses, invoices, and everyday accounting to tackling IRS, entrepreneurs are too busy to devote their time and energy to the production of goods or delivery of highest-quality services. Thanks to technology, entrepreneurs have reasons to rejoice. They have tools galore for performing everyday financial tasks. You must examine the tools discussed below for streamlining your entire financial management process.

Robert Trosten Firmly Believes that Accounting Software Is the Way to Go

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

QuickBooks has been regarded as the gold standard in terms of accounting for small businesses. However, Xero and other such online accounting solutions are very much in vogue and gaining phenomenal popularity. You could do a great accounting job for your business provided you identify flexible and robust accounting tools to do the needful. Always examine the salient features of financial tools before buying them. 

They should be adept at performing fundamental accounting jobs like expense tracking, invoicing, and the vendor or customer contact management, recurring payments, automated billing, estimate and quote generation, preparation of taxes, payroll processing, mobile access, multiple-user access, and seamless integration with effective programs like credit card processing, point-of-sale software, and even Google Apps.

QuickBooks Mobile

QuickBooks Mobile has proved to be an exceptional tool just right for a professional. Who deals with the accounting and financial needs of an organization. This is seamlessly integrated with Online QuickBooks so that entrepreneurs could efficiently manage all their accounting tasks on the go. QuickBooks Mobile could be effective in generating and editing customer information, sales receipts, estimates, and invoices just like QuickBooks Online. 

Robert Trosten also, recommends Xero as effective accounting software that is accompanied by excellent tools for building a far more powerful, robust, and smarter business. Xero is great for assisting entrepreneurs across the globe to be super-efficient, mobile, fast, and clever.

Wave is user-friendly but simple accounting software that has been custom-designed particularly for small businesses. Freelancers, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs with nine or even fewer employees. It is a competent team for handling successful aspects such as accounting, invoicing, and payroll needs. This helps you in tracking the sales and expenses of your business. It helps businesses to effectively manage all your invoices, scan receipts, customer payments, pay all your employees, and generate accounting reports.

As per, in the case, your business is known to have unique requirements; you must necessarily opt for accounting software that covers all those specific needs.

Robert Trosten Insists that Budgeting Tools Are the Best Choice

Chalking out a realistic and meticulous budget and firmly sticking to it seems to be of pivotal importance. For the financial success of various small businesses. If you are looking for a budgeting tool, you may rely on YNAB or You Need a Budget. Instead of building a budget focusing on future income, your monthly budget must be based on previous earnings. YNAB is great for generating graphs and reports.

Payroll Management Systems Must Be in Your Arsenal Says Robert Trosten

Payroll management could be pretty time-consuming and may necessitate a lot of patience. Moreover, it is quite prone to errors. Zenefits and ZenPayroll are great for streamlining the entire payroll process and even getting rid of expensive inefficiencies. Many such payroll management tools could easily integrate and work smoothly with other effective storefront or accounting tools. Experts recommend SurePayroll that could be great at calculating paying state, local and even federal payroll taxes automatically.

Robert Trosten Asks You to Use Smart Tools for Ensuring an Agile Billing Process

If your billing process is flawless and also relatively smoother, payments. It could be made and even processed pretty quickly. And also enable really quick cash flow straight away into your business. Thanks to certain cutting-edge cloud-based tools such as or FreshBooks, you could successfully make the billing process. Much shorter and boost overall customer satisfaction. 

Opt for an Excellent Cash Flow Analysis Tool for Your Business Recommends Robert Trosten

You may opt for a specialized cash flow tracking software like Float or just an ordinary spreadsheet. That measures your cash flow accurately and consistently. This way, your business could be ready to face any financial contingencies. Analysis of cash flow could prove to be immensely beneficial to handling erratic cash flow by effectively. Utilizing previous data patterns for predicting your business’s financial future. 

Choose Smart Inventory Management Tools Reiterates Robert Trosten

It is crucial to monitor efficiently your inventory right from the time you bought certain resale items. To the ultimate stage where a customer’s order has been fulfilled using effective cloud-oriented solutions. Such as Scout’s top shelf, or SOS Inventory. Besides constantly monitoring your products, these effective tools could help in generating sales reports. Setting up low inventory alerts automatically, managing order, including packing and shipping.

Always Use Expense Tracking Tools Advises Robert Trosten

Petty business costs like meals, gas, and also even cabs could quickly add up and are very difficult to keep track of. Thanks to effective expense tracking or expense report tools. Like Xpenditure or Expensify could consider scanning receipts or even adding cash expenses and upload them from mobile devices. You may then seamlessly import the valuable information for rebilling, approval, reimbursement, and also expense accounting, etc. You could use the free version of Expensify that lets you as many as ten free scans every month including unlimited storage. Meant for receipts and a free mobile application precisely due to competitive pricing.


Never forget that companies with robust financial management are far more adept and capable of achieving their goals and aspirations and delivering superlative services. Hence, you must build your own battery of financial tools for gaining a competitive edge.

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